Moving from Apps to Creativity:

App Smashing is the process of using multiple apps to create projects or complete tasks. App Smashing can provide your students with creative and inspired ways to showcase their learning and allow you to assess their understanding and skills.
Toolkit for app smashing.

Garage Band:

The new GarageBand for iOS makes the most popular music creation app for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch better than ever. Play, mix, and record your own songs. Then share them — across the room or across the globe — with just a few taps. It’s never been easier to create great music and get it out there.
Garage Band Help Documentation for iPad


Movie makes it easy to browse and share the HD video you shoot on your iOS device. Turn your favorite clips into blockbuster movies or Hollywood‑style trailers. And watch your mini‑masterpieces anywhere with iMovie Theater. A few taps, a few swipes, and you’re ready for your big premiere.

iMovie Help Documentation for iPad
Digital Storytelling with the iMovie

iMovie Video Tutorial

iMovie Trailer Demo

Sample iMovie:

iMovie Story Board Templates:

More storyboard-help-sheets-for-trailers/

Creating QR codes to Use With the iPad

Creating QR Codes

Using Green Screen and App Smashing for Amazing Educational Videos

Using Green Screen by Do ink

Tellagami App