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More and more students in your classroom today are using Snapchat. Why not reach them where they are?
You may not have your own account yet or even sure you would know how to use it? Have no fear, it's not
too difficult. You may just find you can reach those students whom you have trouble connecting with.
You can also have an account where the students follow you but, you don't have to follow them back! (they will like this
and so will you)

If you missed the class or need refreshers, here are some great articles and links below.
Let's get started!

Snapchat Support "Getting Started Guide"

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Teachers are starting to use Snapchat. Should you?


Snapchat 101 for Teachers


15 Ways to use Snapchat in classes and school


Example of How to Use Snapchat in Education - YouTube Video

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Who to follow on Snapchat?

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Want to learn more than the grads from Stanford Business School? Follow these guys:


Inspiring Snapchat Project Ideas!

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I hope you have had fun exploring the ideas, tips, and tricks about Snapchat for educational use. If you have any questions or would like to share ideas, contact me:
Amy P. Bell