Basic Internet Search Techniques
The internet has an unfathomable quantity of information available to us. With that in mind, it is quite possible you may not find the exact website or resource you are looking for on your first try. The results you get depend on the information you provide in your search. With a few simple tips and some patience, you will likely find what you need, though. Did I mention patience?

Course Objectives:

  • Identify current internet search habits and needs
  • Look at a few tools to help you get started
  • Look at a few more tools to help you drill deeper
  • Discuss issues to consider - possible pitfalls, etc.
  • Do an internet search of your own
  • Compare notes

Current Habits and Needs?

  1. What are you usually looking for when you search the web? You will need to think beyond the obvious response, which is "information."
  2. How do you usually start a search? Do you have a thought process? Do you have a favorite search engine? Do you have a sure-fire site you go to?
  3. How much time do you spend looking?
  4. Do you have an online network?
  5. Do you have a way of organizing the information you find?
  6. How do you know if the information you have found is "good"?
  7. How many questions did you ask before you started searching?

Web Search Strategies in Plain English

10 Best Search Engines.png

Research Habitudes?
  • Any website exists for its own purpose.
  • How old is this information and does its age matter?
  • Model methodology - not results (answers).
  • Have a plan - random approaches to searching don't work best.
  • Ask as many questions as you can think of - spend more time asking questions than searching. Extract words from your questions.
  • Ask questions in the presence of others.
  • Pull together information from multiple resources . . . and verify.
  • Search "tricks" are not the answer.
  • Searching is a process.
  • Searching requires persistence.
  • Learn how to ask GREAT questions!

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What's out there beyond the "search engine" ?

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Information within a Website.
  • Do you know how to find something on a web page?
  • Hint: Use the Find command…
    • Edit>Find (or Control-F)
    • Note that works differently on Firefox vs. Internet Explorer
    • [ Demo ]
    • Cmd-F on Macs

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Organizing the Information You Find

My favorite tool for organizing the resources I find on the Internet is Delicious. Delicious is a socia bookmarking tool. It is easy to use and one of the most valuable tools I have found in many, many years.
Not only can you save and organize your internet resources on Delcicous, you can use it as a search engine. You can search a single user's site or your can search your personal network or you can search all of Declicious.

Google Custom Search Engine
With Google Custom Search, you can harness the power of Google to create a customized search experience for your own website.
    • || external image csicon_48x48.gif||
      • Include one or more websites, or specific webpages
      • Host the search box and results on your own website
      • Customize the look and feel of the results to match your site