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Infographics in the Classroom
If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine what you get with an infographic!
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What is an infographic?
A graphical, visual representation of data. It's not always complicated information, but it is a great way to quickly consume information that is. There are a variety of different "types" that tell your story in different formulas and formats: flow charts, diagrams, maps, processes, timelines, etc.

Course Outline: :
  • What they are and why they work.
  • Types and styles.
  • The process of creation
  • Essentials and pitfalls and expectations
  • Make your own

Infographics as a Creative Assessment

Video link:
From Kathy Schrock

6 Less Than Helpful Infographcs

Samples to Compare

Writing Process


Developing a Website example

Getting Started

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