In class we discuss technology resources that are helpful in addressing the needs of students with different learning styles. Many of these websites can be used to vary instruction to reach students who are visual, auditory, or kinesthetic, or as alternatives to projects.

Web Articles on Differentiated Instruction/Differentiated Learning

My One Great Lesson This Year - - A teacher's perspective on student projects, differentiation, and the choices students make. Do they really need us as much as we think?

Differentiated Instruction Allows Students to Succeed - - Meeting students where they are.

Active Learning is Key to Differentiated Learning -

Reflecting on Technology, Differentiated Instruction and UDL -

Sir Ken Robinson on Learning Styles

Learning Style Quizzes - What's Your Learning Style?

Have you ever thought about what your learning style is? Maybe you should quiz your students to see where they are? Below are links to quizzes related to Multiple Intelligences and Learning Style. Try one.

Websites for Visual Learners

Soomo Publishing - - Contemporary history/social science music videos for teachers.

Grapholite - - Free online diagramming tool. Requires Microsoft Silverlight download to run.
Cacoo - - Create interactive site maps and charts online using a free account. - - this interactive site allows you to brainstorm and develop graphic organizers online. They can then be saved or printed.
WatchKnow Classroom - - allows teachers to create a repository of videos for classroom use. No charge or fee - this is a free account. Worth trying!
Visuwords ‐ type in a word and see associated words in a visual cluster.
Wordle ‐ creates word clouds from text you provide.
Tag Galaxy ‐ enter a word or term and view pictures from flickr associated
with that term. Good for generating discussion.
Teacher Tube – – search for content related videos or You Tube –‐ search for content related videos
Discovery Education Streaming‐ download or stream
videos over a wide range of topics from several catalogs of educational videos – requires account or site
Safari Montage ‐ same as above
BrainPop – flash videos over a wide range of lessons. Some free, some
viewable with teacher account.
PictureHistory ‐ view topics in history through primary resource
Use textbook websites ‐ example:
Voki – create a speaking avatar to deliver messages on a blog or standard
PhotoStory - - make and create stories with photos.
Picasa - - use to make web albums, photo collages, and video slide shows.
Animoto - - Create video from web clips, photos and videos.
Glogster - visual blog/network

Websites for Auditory Learners

Voice Thread ‐ create a video using voice, pictures, video, or recordings
ReadPlease 2003 screen reader – can be used to read any text on a
computer aloud.
Audible – download and listen to bestsellers and classics of literature. Requires monthly subscription.
LibriVox ‐ library of selected titles in mp3 format. Stream readings of books across
internet connection.
Audacity ‐ multi‐feature audio recorder.

Websites for Kinesthetic Learners - what could be more kinesthetic than hands on activities on the web or creating something using your computer.

8th Floor SMART Wiki - - This site catalogs a list of interactive websites we have found after tons of research. Sorted by subject area, these activities are great for providing hands on experiences on an IWB.
Spark Notes ‐ interactive study aides over a variety of literary works.
Google Earth ‐ get a hands‐on look at the geography of the earth –
no wall maps!
Google Sketch Up ‐create your own 3‐d models of buildings, houses, or
Skype – take a virtual field trip. Visit a museum from the comfort of your
own classroom.
Voice Thread‐ – create a video using voice, pictures, video, or recordings
Interactives ‐ website full of interactive activities for any
subject area.
Flash Card Exchange create, edit, print, or share flash cards.
Harvey’s Homepage
Interactive SMART Notebook files for download and use.
Use Textbook Websites – example:
Mouse Mischief – [[‐mischief/]] ‐ turns a PowerPoint slide
into a student response question slide. Utilizes multiple mouse configuration to answer questions.
Brain Savvy - - Hands-on review game. Use the board to play or try the digital art to create a review game on your interactive whiteboard. This is a local company, so check them out.

Other Sites of Interest and Use

Rubistar - a free tool to help teachers create quality rubrics. Many are already made and free to use. Some also have worksheets to go along with them.
Big Ben's Guide to U.S. Government
Kid's Biology . Com
Khan Academy