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an enhanced version of reality created by the use of technology to overlay digital information on an image of something being viewed through a device (as a smartphone camera); also : the technology used to create augmented

Explained by Common Craft

  1. Google Sky Map
    This is an augmented reality app which makes learning about astronomy interesting and fun. Instead of looking at descriptions of constellations in a book and then attempting to identify them in the sky, you can use Google Sky Map to directly identify stars and constellations using the camera on your smartphone.
    Download Google Sky Map (Android)
  2. FETCH! Lunch Rush
    Released by PBS KIDS, FETCH! Lunch Rush is an augmented reality app to teach math skills to elementary students through the use of visualization. Designed in 3-D, the app uses your smartphone camera to place graphics on your camera over real-world surroundings. The app then teaches elementary students to add and subtract using real-world scenarios which allow for visualization while solving math problems. FETCH! Lunch Rush is designed for use with the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad and is available for free at the App Store. It is the first augmented reality app for education released by PBS.
    Download FETCH! Lunch Rush (iOS)
  3. GeoGoggle GeoGoggle is a great helper when it comes to acquiring geography skills and judging distances to specific destinations. Students can learn geographical measurement such as latitude and longitude by applying GeoGoggle to real-world surroundings.The app also allows you to calculate altitude and the distance between two points using a 3D compass. Like other augmented reality apps the app uses overlay graphics combined with real-world surroundings to help you learn the fundamentals of geography
    Download GeoGoggle (Android)
  4. ZooBurst
    This is a nifty augmented reality app to help elementary level students learn through visual imaging. With this app, students get to interact and become a part of a story. ZooBurst allows you to engage in digital storytelling by designing storybooks complete with 3-D charactersDownload ZooBurst (iOS)
  5. Acrossair
    Acrossair is a browser which can be used in real-world surroundings and in the classroom for learning and discussion. The browser can carry apps that push the boundaries of the uses of augmented reality. You can find locations near you and share your locations with friends. Students can also create interactive classroom projects, and participate in interactive photo walls displaying wiki and multimedia on a classroom topic.Another fun feature of acrossair is that it enables you to engage in classroom discussions via Twitter AR. After sending out your tweet, you can launch acrossair to check out the latest tweets by people near you via geotagging technology. Imagine holding up your phone and seeing tweets by the people around you
    Download Acrossair (iOS)
  6. NASA Spacecraft 3D:
    Through this app, students can view a variety of spacecraft and robotic explorers via the camera on their mobile devices. They are able to manipulate and interact with them through on-screen controls, seeing how they move and learning about the engineering used in the design of the spacecraft.
    Download NASA Spacecraft 3D (iOS)
  7. ARMedia

    ARMedia Player allows for interaction with virtual models. One can explore 3D models from any angle with the interactive AR interface. The 3D models can then be rotated, pinched, and zoomed.Download ARMedia (iOS)
  8. Sekai
    Augmented Reality Using Geotagging or Geolocation
    Using the app Sekai Camera, “air tags” are created and can then be viewed within a limited radius. An air tag is associated with longitudinal and latitudinal coordinates, known as geotags. Air tags are easily created with Sekai, and they appear to float in the air when viewed with the camera on a mobile device, using the Sekai app. Air tags can display short text messages, photos, and voice messages that can be viewed through the mobile device’s camera, and users can comment on existing tags.
    The Education Connection: Sekai camera can be used in a multitude of ways both in and out of the classroom.

    Download Sekai (iOS)